Jack Abeel
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    iOS Multitasking: Background LocationPreview
    This is the fourth and final part of the series on iOS Multitasking. Today we will be covering Background Location. Just like the previous iOS Multitasking tutorials in this series, this feature is simple and easy to implement. So let's start!Read More…
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    iOS Multitasking: Background TasksPreview background tasks
    This is the third part in the iOS Multitasking Series. Compared to Local Notifications, Background Audio, Background Location, and VOIP (Not covered in this series), Background Tasks and Fast App Switching are the easiest to implement. For this tutorial, you will need to understand blocks.Read More…
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    iOS Multitasking: Background AudioPreview
    This is a continuation of the iOS Multitasking series. Along with notifications (as discussed last week), iOS Multitasking also provides a feature called Background Audio. As the name suggests, this feature enables applications to play audio even when the application is in the background, similar to how the iPod or Music Application bundled with the device works.Read More…
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    iOS Multitasking: Local NotificationsLocal notificaon preview
    Since the release of iOS 4, many amazing features like folders, single inbox, and more have been available to iOS developers. One of the most anticipated features for iOS is multitasking. Multitasking behaves very differently on iOS than on other mobile operating systems, and this post will guide you through how to set it up!Read More…