Ilise Benun
Hoboken-NJ based consultant, Ilise Benun, is a national speaker and the author of several books, including The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing (HOW Design Books, 2008), Stop Pushing Me Around: A Workplace Guide for the Timid, Shy and Less Assertive (Career Press, 2006) and The Art of Self Promotion (Marketing Mentor Press, 2007). She is also co-founder of Marketing Mentor, a one-on-one coaching program for small business owners. Sign up for her free tips at
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    A Simple Follow Up FormulaFormula
    On my way home from a conference recently, I sat next to a blonde woman in her mid-40’s wearing matching Prada shoes and bag. From the looks of her, a successful businesswoman. I couldn’t help peeking over her shoulder and saw that she was composing email messages in Outlook. I assumed she had just attended a meeting and was diligently doing her follow up. The problem was that every single message she wrote was the same -- and really boring, in my opinion. “Dear Blank, it was a pleasure to meet you at the meeting this weekend and I hope we can meet again soon.” That was it. No reference to who she is or what they talked about or what ideas she has had since they met or what they could do together in the future. Anyone who knows me (or has heard my networking presentations) knows that I am a follow up freak. But I’d say it’s better not to follow up than to write the type of generic follow up messages this woman was about to send out.Read More…