Ignacio Cruz Moreno
I am a professional web developer who has a romance with WordPress. I recently started a blog on my personal website www.igmoweb.com and I am currently working on a new site called www.laparabolica.es.
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    How to Integrate the WordPress Media Uploader in Theme and Plugin OptionsPreview
    Welcome WordPress Theme and Plugin developers! We all would like our theme users to be able to upload their own images or logos by using a Theme Options page created by us (including plugins pages) but, how do you program it? Do you use WordPress Media Uploader (as when you upload a featured image or insert an image in a post) or do you just add a file input field and forget about all the other things? Do you upload images to an upload folder properly? Do you attach the image to the WordPress Media Library? And, this is an important point, do you delete the file (if this is what the user wants) properly? Well, it is time to give shape to our Theme Options page using the WordPress interface. We want happy users, we want a user-friendly interface. This tutorial is focused on uploading images to a Theme Options page, so if you are not quite sure about how to create one, I seriously recommend you first of all, have a look at the amazing Tom McFarlin's tutorial The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API series.Read More…