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My name's Ian and I'm editor of Web Design content at Tuts+. Ask me anything you like about web design… I'll find someone who knows the answer.
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    Weekend Giveaway! "CSS3 Toolkit" App For OSX (Winners Picked)Preview
    Well, it's not technically the weekend, but we're heading towards the end of the week, so that's reason enough for a quick giveaway! Alex from Moople Apps has given us 5 CSS3Toolkit purchase codes to giveaway to Webdesigntuts+ readers - leave a comment before Sunday and one of them could be yours!Read More…
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    Readers’ Poll: How Do You Feel About Adobe's Creative Cloud? Readerspulse
    Last week Adobe confirmed plans for their revolutionary initiative Creative Cloud. It will see (amongst other things) cloud hosting of some Adobe tools, and subscription to (rather than purchase of) your favorite applications. This could cause quite a shake-up; how will it affect you?Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Tooltips, Courtesy of HTML5 Data AttributesPreview
    Tooltips are relatively simple to implement by just adding a bit of markup to your HTML and employing a bit of CSS. However, if you've never heard of HTML5 data attributes, you may want to check out this alternative (and much cleaner) approach.Read More…
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    Building a Static Admin Bar for the BrowserAdmin bar preview
    Moving on from our .psd tutorial, this collection of screencasts will walk you through building our admin bar for the browser. We have a few obstacles to take into account, and we'll be exploring some interesting ways of getting round them. Let's get going!Read More…
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    7 Ways to Avoid Scary Web DesignPreview
    It's Halloween (mwa ha haaa!) and to help get into the spirit of things we have a terrifyingly helpful graphic by the guys at Melbourne-based Mint Leaf Studio for you. Check it out. If you dare..Read More…
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    Design a Static Admin Bar in PhotoshopPreview
    Let's whip up a simple, yet effective 'static admin bar' in Photoshop. We'll take a selection of UI elements, and design their various states, ready for building in HTML and CSS.Read More…
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    Comment to Win 100 MOO.com MiniCards + Felt Holder! (Winners Announced)Preview
    We have another awesome giveaway for Webdesigntuts+ readers this week: MOO.com are giving away three sets of 100 mini cards + felt holders! The ideal way to make an impression on prospective clients...Read More…
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    Accessibility: What's Your Markup Saying to You?Preview
    Today we're going to look at accessibility and semantics. Let's start with a question: have you ever used a screen reader? If the answer's no, you should try it - it might well change the way you approach your HTML markup for ever!Read More…
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    A Ten Minute Chat With Ethan MarcottePreview
    Responsive web design. That says it all. As the man behind the most contagious movement in web design at the moment, Ethan Marcotte really needs no introduction. Recently he responded to a few of my questions (see what I did there?), so grab a coffee and find out what he had to say about sobbing on the subway, and firing people into the sun..Read More…
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    "Above the Fold" Book ReviewPreview
    One of the great things about books on design is that they themselves are often well designed. Above the Fold is no exception; boasting over 250 glossy, luxurious pages, filled with great imagery, quality typography, and considered, controlled layout. Read on for my thoughts on the book.Read More…
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    Blog Action Day 2011: Effective Food Charity Website DesignPreview
    Blog Action Day is an initiative originally founded in 2007 by our very own Collis and Cyan Ta'eed, along with Leo Babauta. Each year it aims to bring much needed exposure to a worthy subject, and 2011 focuses on Global Food Shortage. Today is also World Food Day, so to mark the occasion we've rounded up 10 noteworthy food charity websites for your scrutiny.Read More…
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    HTML5, Flash and RIAs: 18 Industry Experts Have Their SayMegaphone
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our best posts from throughout the history of Activetuts+. This week's retro-Active post as originally posted on the 8th of November, 2010; since then we've seen Microsoft announce that Windows 8 will support HTML5 for native apps, Adobe move further and further into the mobile area, and the release of HTML5 multimedia tools such as Edge. Things are certainly different - how have the experts' predictions held up? The subject of Flash, HTML5, Silverlight, RIAs and all that surrounds them continues to be debated across the net. It's a sensitive issue as we've discovered; our recent roundup post certainly opened a can of worms and touched a raw nerve with a few folk! Today, we're going to put that behind us and approach the discussion in a more sensible fashion. Read on to see what some of the most respected members of our community have to say on the matter.Read More…