Ian Lollar
Ian is often found at a keyboard, hitting random keys until he outputs something worthwhile. At times, this process produces code, which he nurtures before releasing into the wild. Sometimes he types semi-rational thoughts, which wind up on his site or Twitter. More times than not, you'll find him covered in Corgi hair. It gets everywhere.
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    Jenkins Workflow: Scripting Out Complex BuildsPreview
    In this second and final part of the series, learn how the Jenkins Workflow plugin allows you to use scripting to create complex Jenkins builds.Read More…
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    Focusing on a Team Workflow With GitBitbucket
    Git provides numerous benefits for the solo developer, but it also really shines when it comes to team collaboration. Establishing workflow “rules of the road” will help eliminate friction and confusion, and allow a team to take advantage of what Git does best: boost productivity.Read More…
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    Setting Up Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment With JenkinsJenkins image
    Add a little automation to your life - let's set up a Jenkins instance to handle testing and deploying for us.Read More…