Hemanth Sharma
Hemanth Sharma is a Sr. Designer at Adobe. Having worked on Flash Platform for over 12 years, he is a Flash veteran. His skills and expertise include graphic design, game design, application and game development for multiple platforms and devices and more. He has previously worked for over 7 years in various engineering teams such as Flash Professional, Flash Player, Flash Lite, Flash for the Digital Home, etc. at Macromedia and Adobe. Hemanth speaks at various conferences/events and also writes technical articles, publishes games/apps and video tutorials on his personal website - http://www.hsharma.com.
  • Game Development
    How to Learn Starling FrameworkHow to learn starling 400px
    Starling Framework is a free, open-source framework written using ActionScript 3.0. The primary purpose of this framework is to make it extremely easy for developers to build games for the Adobe Flash Platform. In this article, we'll introduce you to Starling, and share tips, screencasts, tutorials, and resources for getting started with it.Read More…
  • Code
    Creating a Virtual Joystick for Touch DevicesPreview
    A lot of Tablet Computers and Touch Screen devices have emerged, and it's time to create games that have virtual joystick support on the screen for easier gameplay. Read on and discover how you can create a virtual joystick for your games on touch enabled devices..Read More…