Helen Frances
Helen is a paper artist and designer for the paper art studio Frances and Francis, London.
  • Crafts & DIY
    The Perfect Paper Decorations for a Summer Garden Party400px party picnic final
    Entertaining outdoors is one of the best things about summer, especially when you're hosting a garden party picnic with friends. In this tutorial you'll learn how to personalise a garden party with a tropical parrot theme. I'll show you how to make a cake topper parrot, customised food tags and some unique signage bunting. Let's get started.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Make Stunning Papercut Wedding Invitations Pci400
    The invitation for your special day gives your guests the first very impression of your wedding, so it's important to make a statement! The paper cut technique is having a moment right now, as people really appreciate the time and effort involved. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a beautiful hand-crafted invitation that your guests will never forget.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Make Adorable Seasonal Hand Animals for KidsReindeerhand
    This is a lovely and simple tutorial which is great to do as a group holiday activity with kids. Or you could just make them for your own amusement! There are three animals to make and an extra hand really comes in handy when creating the characters.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Make Paper Lantern Decorations for Your Christmas Tree400px lantern decorations
    If you're after something a little bit different for your tree this year, why not try creating your own Christmas village scene lanterns. This simple and unique tutorial will show you how to craft this special decoration for your tree.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Create a Wondrous Winter Wonderland in a Jam Jar 200snow
    Everyone has their own ideal winter scene that they visualise, whether it's in the city or set in a cute little village. This tutorial shows you how to craft your own, using accessible materials such as paper and a jam jar. It's a Christmas-themed snow globe with a difference!Read More…