Heidi Adnum
Heidi Adnum works as a photographer and crafter. Her first book, The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos, is now available. Heidi lives in sunny Newcastle, Australia, with her husband. Connect with Heidi on Twitter @HeidiAdnum
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    5 Fundamental Photo Editing Tools to Get to KnowPhotography editing preview image
    When it comes to photo editing, there's no right way to go about it, or even one tool or another that is essential to use each time. There are, however, some fundamental tools that can improve how a photo looks and correct minor mistakes with elements like exposure, colour and composition. Today, we’re going to talk about these fundamental tools and the order they should be applied in.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    5 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Craft PhotosPhotography breathe new life preview
    If you're sick of the sight of your craft photos, don't fret: there are ways to reinvigorate them. Today we're going to talk about five things you can do that are simple and achievable at home without expensive equipment. Yes, you'll have to re-shoot, and that takes time and effort, but I promise it will be worth it. Read More…
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    Have Your Photos Ready for a Press Feature With These Five TipsPhotography press feature preview
    Press features are exciting—except when we can't provide the photos they need. When planning your photos, keep these five tips in mind to increase your chance of a feature. Read More…
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    5 Steps to Taking Great Photos of Your Craft Using Window Light Photography using window light preview image
    Make the most of the windows in your home or office by using them to take great photos. Read on to learn how to set up the scene, choose the best time of day to shoot, and control the light. Window light also teaches us a lot about shadows and how to use them to enhance the details, depth and features of our craft. Read More…
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    Make and Use a Light Tent to Take Great Photos of Your CraftPhotography make a light tent preview tent
    When shooting your craft photos, if finding a good setting and soft lighting around your home or office is a frustration of yours, then a DIY light tent might be a simple solution. Making your own light tent is ideal for the crafter who shoots in a small space, is on a budget or needs to freshen up their photos. Here's how to do it in ten easy steps.Read More…
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    5 Handy Photo Styling Tools & PropsPhotography breathe styling preview
    If you're looking for styling tools and props for your photos but aren't sure where to start, I've got five suggestions right here. Read More…
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    Compose Great Photos of Your Craft With These 5 TipsPhotography composition preview
    Struggling with composition? Stuck for ideas? Tried everything but nothing's working? Maybe it's time to go back to the basics of composition: orientation, framing, and perspective, along with detail and background selection. I've got these covered in today's tutorial. Read More…
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    10 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Craft Photography And How to Fix ThemCraft%20photography%20problems%20preview
    Improve your craft photos by fixing these 10 common problems.Read More…
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    10 Great Backgrounds for Beautiful Craft Photography400photography background white paper
    Taking great photos of your craft for selling and marketing purposes can sometimes feel like a challenge. The good news is that it's easy to improve and make the process more enjoyable when you take it one step at a time. A good place to start is to choose a background that suits your craft. Here, we're going to talk about ten different options for backgrounds that are aesthetically pleasing, versatile and simple to create at home. For inspiration, take a look at the two photos for each option: the first shows the final look, and the second demonstrates the simple set-up that you can use to achieve it. Pick your favourite, and give it a try!Read More…