Hector van Rensburg
Hector Janse van Rensburg is a young freelance logo designer based in Cambridge, England, who enjoys both the practical side of design and studying the theory behind it. He updates a blog on his portfolio at www.inkpilot.com.
  • Design & Illustration
    Freebie: Vector iPhone 4 PSD FilePreview
    These days, it seems like if you don't already own an iPhone, you're probably thinking about getting one. Over the last couple of years, the popularity of the iPhone has really taken off. Because of this, most designers have found the need to incorporate the iPhone into a design at least once in their career. With the release of the new iPhone 4, we now need to replace our old iPhone designs with an updated one. That is why today we are releasing a free iPhone 4 PSD file for you guys to incorporate into your work.Read More…