Harry Guinness
Dublin, Ireland
Harry Guinness is a writer, photographer, traveller, and International Man of Mystery. You can follow him on Twitter or visit his website.
  • Photo & Video

    Give Your Digital Images a Colour Film Look

    0.9 hours
  • Photo & Video

    Setting Up Your Mac for Photo and Video

    2.4 hours
  • Computer Skills
    TextExpander IV—Syncing and TextExpander TouchPreview
    In this series I've looked at getting the most from TextExpander. It's a shame to limit yourself to just one Mac though, so in this tutorial, I look at syncing your snippets between multiple Macs and iOS devices.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    How to Make a Long Exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) PhotoPreview
    Long exposure HDR photography presents a number of interesting challenges. In this tutorial, I walk you through the process of creating an LE HDR image.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    3D Touch Explained3dtouch
    3D Touch is a new feature of the iPhones 6S and 6S Plus. It adds a pressure sensitive layer to the screen. In this tutorial I'll explain how it works, what it does and how to use it.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    How to Calculate the Sharpest Aperture for Any LensPreview
    Lenses aren't equally sharp at all apertures. Some are better than others. In this tutorial, I look at how to calculate the sharpest aperture for any scenario.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Use Your Smartphone as a Visual Sketching Tool for Photo and VideoPreview
    Visual sketching is a great method for bringing intention into your work. In this tutorial, I look at how to use your smartphone to do it.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    How to Post-Process Underwater Photographs in Adobe LightroomAfterpurple
    Processing underwater images requires special considerations to compensate for the limitations of shooting underwater. In this tutorial you'll learn how to overcome them in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    iOS9 Content Blockers: What They Are and What They DoPreview
    Content Blockers are new in iOS 9. They prevent Safari from loading content from specific websites. The most popular are ad blockers but there are others available. In this tutorial I'll show you what they are and what they do.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Snapchat in a Nutshell: Visual Storytelling in the MomentPreview
    Snapchat is a popular messaging app. Each Snap lasts for up to ten seconds making the messages extremely temporary. This gives the service a unique appeal in an age of digital abundance.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The Changes in iOS9 Explored and ExplainedPreview
    Apple's latest iOS update, iOS 9, brings with it a whole host of new changes including visual tweaks, new apps and iPad multitasking. In this tutorial I'll look at the updates and what they mean for you.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Diving In: How To Get Started With Underwater PhotographyPreview2
    Underwater photography is a fun but challenging area of photography. In this tutorial I look at how to get started with it and how to overcome some of the unique issues you will face.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Brave New Camera: Computational PhotographyWhat is computational photography
    Computational photography is a developing field that combines the elements of traditional photography with additional computer-performed processing. It is pushing the limits of what the word photography means. Cameras are no longer limited by the constraints of film. New processes can overcome the limitations of a camera, encode more information in a single file than was previously possible, or even create new ways of understanding images.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Text Expander III: Scripting Fill InsPreview
    TextExpander is an incredibly powerful Mac app. In this tutorial, I look at how to make it even more powerful by using scripting languages like JavaScript in your fill ins.Read More…