Harish Chouhan
Harish is a Designer & WordPress Developer from Mumbai. He runs a web design agency Dreams Media and is currently working on his WordPress theme store Dreams Online Themes. He can be found writing about random stuff on on his personal website HarishChouhan.com and on Twitter @harishchouhan. Currently he is also curating a Flat Website Design Gallery at FlatTrendz.com.
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    Displaying Information of a WordPress.org Plugin on Your WebsiteWordpressdotorg plugin api border 400
    In the first part of this article, we discussed how to use built-in functions to communicate with WordPress.org and retrieve plugin details. In this tutorial we will put the theory in action to create a simple plugin which will allow us to display details of any plugin hosted on WordPress.org on our WordPress website using shortcodes.Read More…
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    Communicating With the WordPress.org Plugin APIWordpressdotorg plugin api border 400
    Over the last few weeks I have been wondering on how to possibly pull data about my plugins hosted on WordPress.org and display it on my website. The first thing that came to mind was "Web Scrapping" but quite frankly this is a lot of work, feels like going back in time, and is not something a good web citizen should do. In some cases, it could be illegal.Read More…
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    What's New in WordPress 3.6 BetaWhats new in wordpress 3.6 beta
    Work on WordPress 3.6 commenced in January this year, and with Beta 3 being announced on 11th May 2013, we can expect a Release Candidate and hopefully the final stable release in June. This release is an exciting development for a number of reasons.Read More…
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    Introduction to the New Twenty Twelve ThemeImage 01
    Since 2010 WordPress has been launching a new theme with each of their yearly releases. With version 3.5 coming by end of the year, we can now download the all new Twenty Twelve theme, a successor to Twenty Eleven. Before I talk about what's new in Twenty Twelve, I will be discussing the difference between Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, and how the change will benefit working with the default theme of WordPress.Read More…
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    How to Analyze Your WordPress Installation's PerformanceImage cover
    Installing WordPress is really easy. Optimization is what takes time. Not everyone who owns or maintains a WordPress website on their own is a programmer. Many WordPress users do not even know HTML. You may buy hosting from the best hosting provider but there are few things that need to be checked for maximum performance. This tutorial is not about optimization or setting up caching plugins. Those topics have been covered in the past. Today we will learn about plugins that could help us analyze the performance of a WordPress website to understand the problem areas and see their impact on the website.Read More…
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    Using WordPress as a Web Application FrameworkUsing wp
    Application Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc. are common today. If you have ever used them or read about them you might be aware of their features and how they help to speed up web application development. In this article we will discuss the common features found in most of these frameworks and their similarity with WordPress.Read More…
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    Making a Living With WordPressPreview
    With WordPress powering 8% of the websites in the world, the demand for WordPress related services is increasing exponentially. Not every WordPress website is owned by a developer. After the users get familiar with basic WordPress usage, they would need more specialized services to enhance the way their website looks or to add new features. If you offer your clients WordPress based websites or are involved in any WordPress based development, then this article is just for you.Read More…
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    Insights into WP-Cron: An Introduction to Scheduling Tasks in WordPressImage 01
    Today we'll be looking at the WP-Cron functions, one of the lesser known tricks that you can use for some fun! The primary purpose is for setting up scheduling or other time-sensitive tasks. We'll examine some tricks for using it, and we'll also identify some potential problems with it and how to work around them.Read More…
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    WordPress 3.3 is On the Horizon! Beta 2 Release NotesWordpress 3.3 update
    WordPress is evolving quite faster than ever, and every update gets all excited (especially those who make a living on it). WordPress has released it's 3.3, Beta 2 version just 2 days ago for testing. This update is focused on more improvements, refining and making things faster and better. Today, we're going to round up what's coming in the next big version.Read More…
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    Customizing the WordPress Dashboard For Your ClientsImage 01
    Have you recently started using WordPress for your client's project and want to further impress your client with better packaging? This article will focus on packaging WordPress so that, in just few minutes after completion of a project, it will feel more unique to the client and not have the generic feel. Read More…