Guy Routledge
I'm a consultant front-end developer specialising in front-end architecture and Sass-flavoured CSS. When not working on client projects, I teach in person and online. Away from all thing digital, I have a keen interest in property investment and fine food and wine and someday plan to open my own a restaurant.
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    Building Static Websites With Jekyll

    2.8 hours
  • Web Design
    “Outside In” — Ordering CSS Properties by ImportanceOutside in
    This article is all about CSS code structure - specifically about a method I've been using for the last few years to bring some logic and consistency to the order in which I write my CSS. It’s a method I call “Outside In”.Read More…
  • Web Design
    7 Non-raster Approaches for Making the “Hamburger” Menu IconPreview
    We're going to look at seven different approaches to creating the infamous “Hamburger” menu icon, without raster images. The challenge is to reduce HTTP requests, create infinitely scaleable icons for high density displays and have the power to style them with CSS. You might be surprised by the winning method.Read More…