Grayson Honan
Grayson Honan is a young technology enthusiast with a background in film making. His desire to improve the quality of his films has driven him to learn After Effects. Grayson's After Effects work can be found at his Vimeo page, and his less serious work can be viewed on his Youtube Channel.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Focus On Making A Simulated Microscope Field of ViewThumb
    I created this Microscope's Field of View using 3 particle systems. The Base Layer is a water animation created using a fractal noise; the first level of particles is created using CC Particle World and it's meant to look like quickly-moving bubbles. The Second Level of particles is created using Particular with a custom designed sprite, and is meant to look like a microscopic organism. The Third Set of particles are also created using Particular, and are added to mimic more floating debris. Finally, an arrow indicator is added to accurately simulate a microscope's FOV. Read More…