Grace Salzer
A stay at home mum originally from the south of England now residing (like a martyr) in the Hawaiian Islands, where the breezes are cool & palm trees sway. Due to vast amounts of sun exposure she now has more freckles than any one human should attain in their lifetime. Her goal in writing for Phototuts is to begin saving to reverse the signs of premature aging. Any form of help one might get from reading her articles is basically, a complete miracle. Angels will probably sing.
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    Five Tips You Must Know for Your Next Shoot With KidsPrelgchild model equipment2
    Children?! Say it ain't so! How in the world can I come out of this session alive? Actually, you may find that children will become one of your favourite subjects once you try. You'll feel energized and invigorated! Children carry such life in their little bodies. With these tips below, I hope you’ll be fully equipped to conquer a child model photo shoot with a giant "yippedy do!"Read More…
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    How To Take Photos That Require No Post-ProductionPreview
    In a world where using post-production suites to enhance your photos is almost a necessity, it can be hard for the beginner, computer illiterate or photography purist to feel they have something to offer. How does one create a beautiful picture from the get go which requires no post editing? In this tutorial, I aim to outline some tips which will tackle just that!Read More…
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    A In-Depth Walkthrough of a Family Portrait ShootFpsw preview
    Instead of the usual theory articles out there on how to shoot a family portrait, this is a walk through of my own experience. It's like a highlight reel of the many 'oh why?!' moments I experienced as well as the one and only single moment of success.Read More…
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    Capturing Simplicity in a Maternity PhotoshootPhotography
    As with anything, you can make a maternity shoot as simple or as detailed as you like. The outfits, the locations, the potential results could be endless! However, there are many excellent reasons for keeping it simple.Read More…
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    Completing a Newborn Baby Portrait Session on a BeachPhotography
    As the title explains, this tutorial aims to give direction on how best to photograph a newborn on the beach. Many variables come into play mainly because you have a newborn baby to deal with! Of all subjects to work with, a newborn baby has to be the most needy, thus potentially bringing the most stress on both you and the parents!Read More…