Gönenç Giray
Gönenç Giray is an electronic music producer and performer from Istanbul Turkey, and the other "half" of the trip-hop/electronica duo Plüton.
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    Ableton Live Racks: Creating One Knob Macro ControlsThumb
    Ableton Live has a macro control mapping function similar to the Reason's Combinator Device. In this tutorial I'll try to explain how to use it on effect devices and control many parameters with one macro knob.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Create a Crossfader Controlled Effect in Ableton LiveCover
    Ableton Live is best known as "the sequencer that can be played like an instrument." While you're playing Live on the stage DJ'ing by yourself or playing loops and synths with the band, there are lots of tricks to create effect combinations on the fly. One of these expression tools in Live is the built-in crossfader.Read More…
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    Ableton Live Racks: Creating an Instrument from Simple WaveformsThumb
    Ableton Live is now an industry standard production and performance software. When it comes to instrument design and routing, other software like Reason or Logic may look more user friendly but once you get used to Live's rack system, you'll find out that Live has limitless routing and controlling possibilities.Read More…
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    How to Set Up Creative Delays in ReasonThumb
    It’s always been fun to play around with devices in Reason. When it comes to creating a unique device, synth or effect, you have limitless possibilities. You could call it playing Lego with audio devices. In this tutorial I will continue building blocks and explain three different ways to set up DLL-1 devices within Combinator.Read More…
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    Creating RUN Machines in Reason’s Combinator, Pt 2Picture 0
    Reason's Combinator is a powerful device that can be used as a machine for drums and background patterns. With some routing tricks and some unusual pattern settings a Combinator Machine can evolve throughout the song. In the Part 1 of this tutorial we created a drum pattern and two pads with Auto-Pan controls. In the second part we'll incorporate more sounds, and with the use of "uneven" patterns we'll create a Combinator patch which is not just a simple loop.Read More…
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    Creating RUN Machines in Reason’s Combinator, Pt 1Thumb
    Some of Reason's most-loved patches are the Combinator’s [RUN] patches. These patches are very useful as the Combinator plays along with your song, often inspiring as song starters or templates. However, it is scary to turn the rack around and see hundreds of cables go from this device to that device. It’s not that complex; once you’ve figured it out you can make great background patterns and drum machine templates for your songs. Read More…