Giancarlo Gallegos
Giancarlo is a writer, a freelance photographer, graphics artist, and motion graphics editor based in New Zealand. He has been in love with photography since the day he held his first camera. He believes that when you take a photo of someone it should be respected and treasured because you capture a small piece of the person's soul.
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    Shooting an Atmospheric Dark Alley PhotographPreview
    Experimentation is one of the most important skills when learning photography. Trying different lighting techniques and camera settings is one of the best ways to create compelling images. In addition, you do not need expensive equipment to produce interesting photographs. In this photograph, I took a photo of one my close friends in a dark alley near our place. He had an idea of looking like a gangster and I wanted to experiment with lighting and style. The tutorial explains the process and result of our photoshoot.Read More…