German Lopez
German Lopez, known as Genycis, has been in beat making / music production for over 10 years, and has used FL Studio for over 7 years. In addition to creating a variety of over 300 hip hop instrumentals on his official website, he has also worked on sound design for over 6 years as well, creating and using his own soundfonts for his music production that he also has on his website. Genycis continues expressing his enjoyment of making music and sounds, and using FL Studio to do so.
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    Quick Tip: Bringing More Power To Your Drum Samples in FL StudioFreefilter200x200
    Powerful drum sounds in a mix is something that we all probably desire and strive for, unless of course the type of instrumental composed doesn't call for a heavier drum.  However, for most music such as hip hop, rap, house, techno, and other styles, the presence for a nice sounding drum section is a great addition to a mix.Read More…