Gerb Sterrenburg
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    Build an Online Photobooth and Stunning 3D PhotowallCode
    During this Premium tutorial we will build a online photobooth and a 3d photowall. This application will let you take a photo using your webcam, after which it will be sent to a server where it will be stored in a database.Read More…
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    Build an AS3 Photo Slider Widget for Social Networking SitesPreview
    Today we're going to build a Photo Slider widget which can be placed on social networking sites like Orkut or MySpace. This widget will be based on Google's Open Social API and contains a Flash application, which will show all photos from your public photo albums in a slideshow. "Plug-in classes" will handle the transitions of the slideshow and this tutorial will include writing two of those "plug-ins".Read More…
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    Build a Wiimote Controlled Lightsaber Using WiiFlash and Papervision3DPreview image
    Today we're going to build a wiimote controlled lightsaber using WiiFlash and Papervision3D. The goal of this tutorial will be to learn how to use a wiimote within flash and how to combine it with papervision3D. Afterwards, of course, you can use this app to train for your Jedi mastership.Read More…