George Ahlmeyer
My name is George Ahlmeyer and I am a motion designer utilizing platforms such as the whole Adobe Creative Suite as well as Maxon's Cinema 4D. When I first started at college, I purley wanted to be an editor until my friend introduced me to After Effects and became obsessed. Ever since researching other methods and tutorials, I have developed my skills in the market with Bandito Brothers in Los Angeles, California by working on motion graphics for their film titled Waiting for Lightning as well as visual effects for various spots. I love watching animations on Vimeo, figuring new tricks inside all programs, learning from others and getting out and exploring beautiful sights in the world.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Use the Cinema 4D Exchange Plug-in to Make an Editable Football Highlight GraphicAetuts preview football screen
    Cinema 4d has the ability to generate a compositing file containing all passes that make up the specific image as well as sending all 3D information for a seamless composite. I watch a lot of sports shows and decided to create this graphic to transition into highlights by making a customizable jumbo tron animation.Read More…