Gavin Steele
Gavin is from Douglas, Isle of Man and currently teaches ICT in a secondary school in London. He compiles screencasts for Psdtuts+!
  • Design & Illustration
    Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop - Screencast316 fugitive poster
    "Designers love to be critical about movie posters, and while you may think you have better ideas about how to sell a movie to an audience, how many times have you actually tried doing it? In this tutorial, we're going to create a poster for a fictional movie called "Fugitive." The movie is meant to be a suspenseful thriller that features one's escape under the cover of darkness, despite man's attempt to capture the lone hero. Thin and cheesy plot? Check. Awesome opportunity to better your PSD skills? You got it!" Alex BeltechiRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Severed Arm in Photoshop - ScreencastFinal
    "In this tutorial we will be learning how to create a severed arm with fleshy stumps and strings of sinew. This will be created by using some basic Brushes and Layer Masks. Let's get started!" Simon RuddRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation - Screencast301 fantasy landscape
    "In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fantasy landscape using some simple and easy techniques. Everyone with basic Photoshop skills can succeed to recreate this simple image using the most important thing in this kind of photo manipulation - the right stock. So let's go!" Loredana PappRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images - Screencast300 hyper smoke
    "Learn to apply the Warp Tool effectively and a few other tricks to make smoke look like a skull. This technique has a variety of outcomes and works well with water, clouds and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is probably more for intermediate users, as I guide you through the process well, but not every Warp Grid point handle move. Let's get started!" James DaviesRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Fantasy "Mother Nature" Scene - Screencast296 mother nature
    "This tutorial is about creating a fantasy scene called "Mother Nature." We will use well chosen images, brushes and most off all our imagination in combination with Photoshop techniques to create an outstanding image. So let's get started!" Jürgen HeissRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Dark Emotional Photo Manipulation - Screencast294 dark ravens
    "This is a tutorial with a simple idea: to create an emotional photo manipulation. Following this tutorial, you will learn how to blend different images to make a dark atmospheric background, modify the dress of the model, apply makeup, paint hair, blend different objects in the background, and more - all to create a moody illustration. So, let's start!" Loredana Papp-DineaRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a 3D Leaf from a Texture Photograph - Screencast55 leaf warp
    "In this beginners level tutorial, you will learn how to create a vibrant 3D leaf compilation from a single 2D photograph. You will be able to manipulate the object however you prefer. Let's have fun with this display of greenery!" Brent NelsonRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene - Screencast279 flood city
    "In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a simple photo into a flooding torrent of a scene. We'll use some relatively simple techniques to give this image a semi-realistic, stylized feel. Let's get started!" Andrew GardnerRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Surreal Scene of Flying Bombs on Fire - Screencast290 rains pours preview
    "In this tutorial, we'll make a scene with flaming bombs pouring from the sky. This tut is made to show some down and dirty Photoshop tricks that beginners can quickly pick up. It also includes some relatively advanced techniques to help budding designers enhance their workflow. Let's get started!" Jake RueschRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Flying Land Illustration On Fire - Screencast282 flying dragons
    "This tutorial is a collaboration with a good friend of mine Ciursa Ionut. This tutorial is about creating a fantasy illustration using some dragon images and a few cliffs for creating the land. We also add lava and fiery effects. So, let's get fired-up for this one!" Constantin Potorac Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Mold Paint Splatter to a Face in Photoshop - Screencast272 paint splat
    "In this tutorial, we'll learn how to take splattered paint Photoshop brushes and apply them to the contours of a model's face. This is a relatively simple technique, which yields excellent artistic results. Let's get to it!" Justin Van GenderenRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    It’s Time to Create a ‘Neo-Constructivist’ Poster with Photoshop - Screencast281 construct poster
    "Constructivist graphic design is often associated with communist politics and propaganda, but it's more than that, Constructivism is about using bright colors, playing with lightness, perspective, geometrical forms, besides photomontage techniques and digital collage. This time I'll dare to name this tutorial a 'Neo-Constructivist' design. It's time to get started!" AlvaroRead More…