Gaspar García de Paredes
Gaspar García de Paredes is a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer from the Republic of Panama. Currently a junior, Gaspar is currently pursuing a degree in business at the University of Notre Dame. He enjoys learning about and practicing photography after a chance opportunity offered a DSLR camera to play with. You can find examples of his growing portfolio on his Flickr profile.
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    Developing a Kick-Ass RAW Workflow: Part 2Preview
    In the second part of this RAW tutorial, we will continue our post-production workflow to create a stylized final product. We will begin with the the final image of the first part of our tutorial, and jump straight into Photoshop!Read More…
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    Developing a Kick-Ass RAW Workflow: Part 1Preview
    One of the most important aspects of digital photography is post-processing; it is just as important as the photo shoot itself. Think of your post-processing workflow as your own personal dark room; how you go about it will determine the quality and production value of your photographs. In this article we will go over a complete workflow, from the point at which you upload your pictures to your computer all the way to the finished product. Before we get into post-processing, however, I will go over a few pointers and tips on how to keep your photos organized using Bridge. I will be explaining the practices and techniques I have learned and adopted as my own. Feel free to mimic them in your own work, or if you have better ways of doing the same steps please make sure to offer your own advice to me and others reading this article.Read More…