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Farhan Syed is a freelance writer who learns How to Blog?, works on his novel and blogs about the experiences.
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    Differences Between Google+ Pages and ProfilesDifferences between google+pages and profiles
    If you are not familiar with Google+ consider reading my previous article – 8 Reasons that Make Google+ Better than Facebook and Twitter – for an introduction. This article is about the differences between Google+ pages and Google+ profiles. This way you can use each of them to represent and market your freelance business properly. Broadly speaking a page usually represents an organization, while a profile can represent only a person. For example Darren Rowse is using his name, not his blog's name as the title of his Google+ id and therefore he is using a Google+ profile. On the other hand, FreelanceSwitch is using its blog's name as the title of its Google+ id and therefore it is using a Google+ page. You can follow the FreelanceSwitch Google+ Page for updates on new content we release, as well as to freelance related news from across the web. In the image above, the small square icon represents the logo of a page. Profiles don't have this symbol. This is a quick way to recognize whether the id that you are viewing is a page or a profile. To quote Google+ Help Center: Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences.” - Google Support We will look at those differences in detail here. Although the Google+ Help Center lists ten differences in the above link, we'll focus on those that have the greatest impact on freelancers.Read More…
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    8 Features that Make Google+ Better than Facebook and Twitter8 features that make google plus better
    Numbers can tell a story. As of December 2011, Facebook had 845 million monthly active users. As of September 2011, Twitter had 100 million active users. As of January 2012, Google+ had more than 90 million users. Facebook and Twitter reached those numbers in years. Google+ reached the 90 million mark in less than 7 months despite accepting only invited members when it launched. These statistics give you a feel for how quickly Google+ has become a force in the social media sphere. There are reasons that set Google+ apart from Facebook and Twitter. We'll look at 8 of them in this article. I've picked up on only those points that seemed most important to me, your list may differ. Please leave a comment if there is a Google+ feature that excites you.Read More…