Eugene Potapenko
A veteran Flash developer since 1997. A long-time community contributor and passionate early promoter of the Flash platform. Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day Award winner in 2000, co-author of the first open-source AS editor - FAME (produced flashout - an Eclipse plugin and the “F” in FAME). Over the past two years, extensively promoting a LOP-way in ActionScript. Author and lead of Realaxy Actionscript Editor (RASE) development.
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    Querying (and Conquering) Big Collections in AS3 With Realaxy Editor200px
    Good news, everyone. Everybody who works with arrays and vectors - so, all developers - will enjoy the new opportunities: since the late August 2011 build of Flash, Realaxy ActionScript Editor (RASE) supports the new Collections AS3 language extension. In this post we'll show you what it can do.Read More…
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    Operator Overloading in AS3 With Realaxy Editor200px
    In the previous post about Realaxy Editor we spoke about the Traits language, which lets you take advantage of multiple inheritance. Now we turn to another noteworthy opportunity: operator overloading.Read More…
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    Adding Multiple Inheritance to AS3 with Traits and Realaxy Editor200px
    In this post you'll learn about a language extension called Traits, a feature of a new Beta of RASE, a smart and modern IDE for Adobe Flash based on Jetbrains MPS. Traits will allow you to use multiple inheritance in your projects, so a class can effectively extend two other classes.Read More…