Erol Mujak
I'm a Web/UI/Graphic designer who loves every pixel of digitally crafted arts. Design and creativity is my passion and I simply love it. You can follow me on Twitter
  • Web Design
    Create a Quick, Sticky MenuSticky menu retina
    During this quick tutorial we're going to implement a sticky menu with CSS, toggling its visibility with jQuery. It's the perfect way to give visitors social links, additional places within a network of sites, or even personalize settings.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Making the Most of Photoshop LayersLayers preview
    The way web designers are using Photoshop is changing; pixel perfect comps are less relevant than they were a year or two ago. However, Photoshop is still an invaluable design tool and using its features properly is as important as ever. The following tips will help you master working with layers.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Quick Tip: Using Images as Fullscreen Faux-Gradient BackgroundsPreview1
    In this Quick Tip I'll show you how to create a nice looking gradient background, using any image and a couple of lines of CSS. What's more, I'll talk about performance and explain the background-attachment property as we go along.Read More…