Erik Reagan
I'm a husband, father, web developer and musician working in Savannah, Georgia. My weapons of choice tend to include LAMP, ExpressionEngine, jQuery, and common sense.
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    Turbocharge your ExpressionEngine 2 EducationSnapshot
    ExpressionEngine, as a platform and a community, has seen a lot of growth recently. While there are some nice roundups out there about EE resources I thought it was time for a more relevant and up-to-date article to hit the streets. If you're getting started, this set of resources will get you moving in the right direction. After all, I've walked this path myself thus far. Read More…
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    Building your First ExpressionEngine Plugin200x200
    No matter how awesome a CMS is, there will be times when you are required to meet a specific need that simply doesn't work out of the box. Here we will explore creating Plugins for ExpressionEngine to meet such needs. Read More…
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    Learn PHP from Scratch - Part 2200
    Picking up where part 1 of this series left off, this tutorial will continue to guide you through getting started with PHP arrays and loops. Basic fundamentals will be taught alongside their equal partners used in popular software such as Wordpress.Read More…