Epona Schweer
Epona has done lots of things: From optimizing art pipelines on Animal Logic's Happy Feet to running an Incubator in Sydney for games startups. When she's not working on a book or designing hybrid analog/digital games, she's doing the vigilante teacher thing at indiebits.com
  • Game Development
    Finding Your Creative Style: An Exercise in Character DevelopmentFindingyourcreativestyle
    No sales. No marketing. Just you and your audience. You making awesome stuff, them loving you for it. That is what finding your creative style is all about. It's your first clue as to who you're going to do your best work with and it's how we're going to recognize your work as something worth sharing. In this article, I'll share an important exercise with you which will help you find your creative style.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Welcome to the Creative Industries!Welcome to the creative industries
    We're going to kick this series off with an overview on what it means to be a professional creative (as in, someone who makes a living from their creativity), the business models we build around our projects and how they contrast against the business models of software development and manufacturing.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Creativity: A Game Designer's Guide to Show Business Game designers guide to show business
    We're excited to launch our first ever Gamedevtuts+ Session: a comprehensive set of posts by Epona Schweer on the topic of Creativity and business development for gamedevs. Read on to find out what you'll learn...Read More…
  • Game Development
    How to Research Ideas and Test Assumptions, Before You Develop AnythingResearching ideas and testing assumptions gamedev
    Before you spend years of your life making a game because you think it will sell, make sure it's something worth making! You're driven to explore game design because you love it, right? Your time (and the time of your players) is precious. Here are three experiments you can do to make sure your ideas are worth that time.Read More…