Emil Agarunov
Emil Agarunov is from Brooklyn, New York. He has been using Photoshop for around four years and has been using Illustrator lightly for the past couple of years. His main techniques are vector based images and photo-manipulations.
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    Interview with Abstract Artist Rik OostenbroekP
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  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with Talented Digital Painter Marek OkonP
    Marek is a very talented digital painter who looks at his paintings as scenes from movies. He tries to capture the most pivotal moment that will make his art look explosive and amazing. Marek gives us insight on what he does to improve his skills, as well as explains what type of tools he uses to paint.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with Adam Woodhouse, AKA ArdcorP
    Adam Woodhouse is a extremely well rounded designer out of the United Kingdom. Adam is fluent in many of the designing programs we all know and he has been using them all to create his art. Adams illustrations consist of amazing 3D work mixed with Photoshop and he explains why he thinks artists should practice with a variety of design programs.Read More…
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    Best of the Web - October3
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    Kai Isselhorst InterviewP
    Kai Isselhorst is a professionally taught designer from Germany. Kai has an amazing knack from drawing inspiration from art, design, as well as music, and his natural surroundings. Kai explains how he started out as a graffiti artist and then evolved into what we see him as today; an interesting and talented designer.Read More…
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    Interview with David Fuhrer, AKA MicrobotP
    David Fuhrer is a self taught digital painter with a passion for making some of the most creative and vivid art around. David is an extremely talented and he explains how he creates some of his art by mixing 3D elements with painting. David also gives us a look into the type of tools he uses to create his lively artwork.Read More…
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    Peter Jaworowski InterviewP
    Peter Jaworowski is a professional graphics designer who is extremely fluent in Photoshop. Peter specializes in advertisements for some of the biggest companies around, and in this interview Peter gives advice to all designers on how to properly put your work out there to be able to land the type of jobs that he has. This interview looks into the life and process of being a professional designer.Read More…
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    Interview with Astounding Photographer and Digital Illustrator Greg MartinPre
    Greg Martin is an amazing digital illustrator that is currently living in Portland Oregon. His themes are focused on celestial art and space scenes. In this interview, Greg gives seasoned advice on how to become successful with using Photoshop. Greg also takes amazing pictures, learn how he uses Photoshop for his photography. Now lets get into this interview.Read More…
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    Best of the Web - SeptemberPre
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    Daniel LuVisi InterviewPreview
    Daniel LuVisi is a California native who has a tremendous passion for illustrating. His work has some of the most detailed and original imagery that you won't find in many places. Daniel takes inspiration from comics he read when he was a child, current music, and movies. In this interview, he stresses the important tasks designers should focus on to perfect their craft. Now, lets get into this interview!Read More…
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    Interview with EnjinInterviewpre
    Peter Maciocha, AKA Enjin, is a designer from Poland. He's an incredibility talented artist that makes amazing illustrations. He finds his inspiration from music. Peter makes the majority of his designs in Photoshop. His illustrations are a mix of photo manipulation, 3D elements, and more. Let's jump into the interview with Enjin.Read More…
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    Best of the Web - AugustPre
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