Elvin Hajiyev
I am web developer, web project manager. Most of my projects i do on WordPress, Codeigniter FW. I also have made several WordPress plugins as HEXAM(online exam-quiz plugin), Phototag, Category Chart. (All of them are in wordpress.org/extend/plugins) My blog url is Webania.net. WordPress practise is about 2.5 years.
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    Simple Plugin Which Lets Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Folder1
    Today we will write a plugin which allows your users to send their files to you, to your Dropbox account. It might be needed for several purposes; For example, if you provide a contest for your readers, they might need to send you some files that you want partitioned off on a unique folder location in Dropbox. In short, this plugin is for receiving files, which must not be made public yet, which must be reviewed by you.Read More…
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    Displaying WordPress Site Data Via jQuery ChartsInfographic
    In this tutorial we will use the jQuery Charts Plotting plugin, JQplot, to create a new WordPress plugin which can display some of your blog's traffic, popular categories, and more with some beautiful visual charts. Looking for a way to pimp out a client's dashboard (or your own!) with some useful infographics? Look no further... we'll show you how it's done right here.Read More…
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    Creating a Custom 'The Posts I Commented On' LoopScreenshotd
    Sometimes a WordPress developer might need custom loops which can not be generated with standard loops as category, author, index, date, archive, taxonomy etc. One of them is "the posts which I commented on". In Q&A sites it means "the questions I answered", so it might be needed for many developers. On base of this tutorial we can create another custom loops. Let's go to create this section.Read More…