Eli McMakin
I’m, Eli McMakin, a 25 year old Technical Communications graduate from Eastern Washington University. I am fascinated by 3D, photography, and the Adobe Creative Suite. When I am not working on something new and challenging, I enjoy playing sports, dancing, and masochistic self-improvement. My Web site can be found at: www.elimcmakin.com .
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Freebie Exclusive : C4D Noise Shaders BreakdownNoise thumb
    This week's freebie content is brought to you by Eli McMakin. Eli has compiled a list of C4D noise shaders originally created by another artist, Eric Gooch, into an easy to use PDF, and has Eric's kind permission to offer it as an exclusive freebie here on Cgtuts+! If you do any kind of texturing in Cinema 4D, this should prove invaluable! Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Cinema 4D: An Introduction to CausticsPreviewcaustics
    Caustics refers to the mathematical equations that describe how light converges in nature, such as the effect that is seen at the bottom of pools and lakes when light passes through the surface of the water. Cinema 4D can perform both surface and volume caustics. In this tutorial, you will learn how surface caustics can be used to create a pool with a floating translucent orb, and volume caustics can be applied to demonstrate a stained glass effect. Render settings, and time savers will also be discussed.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Lighting and Shadows in Cinema 4D - a Thorough OverviewThumbnail
    In this tutorial you will learn basic lighting in C4D. No matter if you are an intermediate user or an absolute beginner, there is something to be learned here about the many lighting & shadow options and control toggles within Cinema 4D. Read More…