Dustin Blake
Dustin is a freelance designer/developer and security enthusiast located in the US. In 2008 he was acknowledged for his contribution in the published title "No Root For You" a book with spoon fed security tutorials by Gordon L. Johnson. Dustin can be found at his website http://www.circuitbomb.com.
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    Simple Draggable Element Persistence with jQuery200x200
    At some point you may need to create a draggable element within your web application. This is great functionality, however you may want or find that you need the element to stay in place after being dragged around. In this tutorial I will show you how to easily drag an element and make it stick, even after a page reload, by grabbing and storing its X and Y coordinates.Read More…
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    Simple Techniques to Lock Down your WebsiteNoisemagnify
    One crucial part of PHP development practice is always keeping in mind that security is not something you can simply buy off the shelf at your local convenient store. Ensuring the security of your web applications is a process, which over time, needs to be constantly evaluated, monitored, and hardened.Read More…