Diana Elizabeth
Diana Elizabeth is a Phoenix-based photographer and lifestyle blogger who specializes in personalized, creative, and uniquely styled sessions. She teaches photography e-courses to help photographers develop their style and build their brand.
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    7 Key Skills for Photo AssistantsAssistants
    One of the best ways to advance as a new photographer is assist an established photographer. Here are some ways to find an assistant position and how to make the most out of your opportunity.Read More…
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    Shooting a Vintage Car Maternity Session with ChildrenCarmateraty prenew
    The popularity of the maternity session is on the rise, and you might find your clients aren’t expecting their first child, but perhaps their second or third. With additional members, your maternity session may go from having two calm adults to an unpredictable session as you juggle little ones while also trying to showcase the bump of the soon-to-be newest family member.Read More…
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    How to Take Vacation Photos That Don't SuckVacation good de pre
    Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean your creative mind has to be. We are all guilty of getting a bit lazy on our vacations. For the most part, this is fine. We all need rest, but it often leads to regret. Perhaps we leave our camera back in the room on the day when you come across the most amazing scene. Maybe we shoot too quickly, and only realize we wish we had a photo of something after we get back home. In this tutorial, I'll tell you my approach so I'm always happy with my vacation photos.Read More…
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    How a Single Step Can Transform a PhotographDe onestep prenew
    When I was starting out as a photographer, the best advice I was given was "ask yourself, before you click the shutter, is this the best angle?" It is a question I continually ask myself in my head to this very day, and it's something you should be asking yourself, too.Read More…
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    7 Things You Need to Know About Working With Wedding PlannersWeddingplanner de prelg
    The popularity and value hiring a wedding planner is on the rise. Not to be mistaken for an on on-site coordinator which venues often provide, an independent wedding planner is hired by couples who do want to host an elaborate detailed wedding and depending on the services requested, typically have a large budget.Read More…
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    5 Safety Nets Every Wedding Photographer NeedsWeddingsafety prelg
    Weddings are a tremendous expense for a couple, and as the hired wedding photographer, the weight of capturing it as beautifully as possible is a serious job. As with any job, random catastrophes can hinder how we perform. However, with some safety nets in place, it is possible to capture the day without fear.Read More…
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    3 Great Ways to Utilize a Light CubeLightcubetut de prelg
    It’s common to think of a light cube (also known as a light tent or photo cube), as simply a tool for shooting products to sell for eBay. Many light cubes come packaged with complete "studios," suggesting they might only be helpful to amateurs. However, light cubes can be an essential piece of kit used to produce a wide variety of looks.Read More…
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    How to Sell a "First Look" to Your Wedding ClientsFirstlook prelg
    As a wedding photographer, I lean more toward portrait photography opposed to the journalistic documentary wedding photographer, which is why I could spend all day photographing my couple. If you fall in a similar category or stance where you thrive in posing and portrait situations, you’re probably pushing your bride and grooms to do a first look. If you aren't familiar with this, "doing a first look" is when you take the bride and groom away from the wedding, before the ceremony. Instead of the groom first seeing the bride at the alter, they see each other in a space that you can control and plan for. First look is the new tradition, at least that’s what I try convincing my clients.Read More…
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    10 Successful Steps Every Concept Shoot NeedsEs concept image prelg
    Creating your own shoot is beneficial for several reasons. You'll have the ability to be the creative director and to challenge yourself to build your portfolio. Collaborating with other businesses, however, can really boost the publicity of your shoot, possibly stirring up some new leads and business. I typically engage in at least two concept shoots a year just to encourage team creativity with some of my favorite local vendors.Read More…
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    Documenting a Birth Story from Beginning to EndBirth story photo pre lg
    Being invited to document a birth story is exciting, despite the long day. Whether you are a hired photographer or a close family friend, knowing as much as you can about the day can help you secure some great shots that will be treasured for a lifetime.Read More…
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    10 Practices Every Editorial Photographer Must KnowDeedtiorial062313prelg
    Breaking into editorial photography is a great way to get more exposure, build your portfolio, and receive unique assignments that will allow you to work with models, real people, and even allow you to travel the world. If you're already an accomplished professional, transitioning to editorial photography can be fairly easy if you can remember a few things that make it different than typical portraits.Read More…
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    10 Things You Don’t Know About Working With ModelsDesm0d3lsphotoprelg
    Fashion photographer is commonly assumed to be one of the easiest job in the industry. They're the ones behind the lens who gets to work with professional models, the beautiful ones who already know how to pose, give the right expression, and aren’t shy to do whatever it takes to get the winning shot. If you’ve ever considered about being a fashion photographer or want to start working with models, here are a few things you need to know. Turns out being a fashion photographer isn't so simple after all.Read More…