Devon Govett
Hi, I'm Devon! I enjoy designing and coding websites that are beautiful on the inside and out. If you'd like to keep in touch, you can follow me on Twitter.
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    Getting to Work with CSS3 Power ToolsPreview
    CSS3 is one of the coolest new web technologies available to web developers right now. Using some of its many features, it is possible to reproduce the effects that you might have previously done in Photoshop, with CSS code that is more maintainable, faster to load, and hip with the latest trends. Read on to learn about the power tools available to you and how to combine them to produce the ultimate graphical effects.Read More…
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    5 Excellent New Features in Safari 5200x200
    On June 7th, Apple released an update to their web browser, Safari 5. It includes a plethora of new features for web developers, including a faster JavaScript engine, better HTML5 support, extension support, and a great Web Inspector update. We will explore what these new features mean for web developers.Read More…
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    Learning Server-Side JavaScript with Node.jsPreview
    Node.js is all the buzz at the moment, and makes creating high performance, real-time web applications easy. It allows JavaScript to be used end to end, both on the server and on the client. This tutorial will walk you through the installation of Node and your first "Hello World" program, to building a scalable streaming Twitter server.Read More…