Dennis Dunbar
Dennis Dunbar is a Digital Artist with extensive experience in digital issues. He began compositing images in the darkroom under the tutelage of William Warren, a noted Stock Shooter. After seeing the advantages of working digitally Dennis jumped in with both feet, setting up his own studio in 1991 and soon was working extensively creating finished artwork for movie posters and commercial ads. Dennis also serves on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the Advertising Photographers of America where he serves as head of the Digital Committee. He is a founding member of UPDIG and a member of the DISC Committee as well.
  • Design & Illustration
    Adding a Realistic Tattoo the Easy Way with PhotoshopPreview
    The end goal of a good retoucher is to make their work appear invisible while creating some alternative reality. In this case we're going to look at one method I use for adding a tattoo to an image while making it look like it's really a part of the original photo. This method involves placing an Illustrator file (the tattoo source image) as a Smart Object, using the Free Transform/Warp Tool, adding a Gaussian Blur (to adjust the 'Focus') and then finishing it all off with a lighting effect created from a Channel Pull. Ready to begin?Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Making Sense of the Warp Tool - It's All About the LinesPreview
    Every now and then a project comes along that challenges me to use one of Photoshop's tools more than ever. This particular image was part of a series of ads I was working on with photographer Richard Radstone for a clothing line based in Colombia, South America. Each of the ads featured a surreal representation of a different region of Colombia and was created by compositing various stock images and photos Richard shot for the job. The challenge with this one was to wrap an accordion around the palm tree like a giant snake. Read More…