Denis Sokolov
I am a web engineer since 2005. I always keep up with the latest technologies and I strongly enjoy sharing my knowledge with my colleagues and friends.
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    TDD Terminology SimplifiedTdd cycle
    The core idea of Test-Driven Development (TDD) is writing tests before writing any functional code, and then writing only the least possible amount of code required to make the tests pass. It may sound strange to develop in this fashion, but it's actually quite useful, as the test base doubles as a partial specification of the main code. Given such a simple premise, however, there is an amazing amount of terminology and techniques. In this article, I gather the most important terms and buzzwords that you might hear, and define them.Read More…
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    Headless Functional Testing with Selenium and PhantomJSHeadless functional testing with selenium and phantomjs
    Let's build a system for performing functional tests on web applications, using Selenium and PhantomJS. The resulting system will allow us to write easy test scenarios in JavaScript, and test those scenarios both in real browsers and a headless simulator. Read More…
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    Contracts: The Practical Side of SemanticsContracts
    We all recognize that we should be writing semantic code. Maybe, you're even using <section> or <em> correctly, and feel pretty good about yourself. But, are you also considering the implied contract that exists when you code?Read More…