Dejan Marjanovic
Web everything; IT Engineer; ZEND PHP5.3 Engineer; DebConf11 organizer; Open Source enthusiast and Android & Ruby developer wannabe.
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    Create Instagram Filters With PHPImagemagick
    In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how to create vintage (just like Instagram does) photos with PHP and ImageMagick. Wait? What? Yes, you can do this very thing with PHP and ImageMagick, and that's just scratching the surface! Read More…
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    PHP 5.4 is Here! What You Must Know200
    PHP 5.4 is here; the next major step forward since version 5.3 - keeping PHP 6 (full Unicode support) on hold for now. The latest enhancements significantly improve its elegance, while removing deprecated functionality, resulting in a dramatic optimization of the runtime (up to 20% more speed and memory usage reduction). Read More…
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    PDO vs. MySQLi: Which Should You Use?Boxer
    When accessing a database in PHP, we have two choices: MySQLi and PDO. So what should you know before choosing one? The differences, database support, stability, and performance concerns will be outlined in this article.Read More…