Dee Teal
Dee Teal is a freelance front-end web developer specialising in WordPress Theme Development and Customisation (and spends a lot of time using the Genesis Theme Framework). She is also a highly sought after WordPress trainer and led the teams that organised WordCamps Melbourne 2013 and Sydney 2012. You can find her at or on twitter @thewebprincess
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    Beginning With WordPress: Customising Our Site's Functionality Using functions.phpBeginning with wordpress
    So, here we are at the eighth and final instalment of our quest into getting under the skin of a WordPress website. I hope that by now you feel a lot more comfortable playing around with your own sites. One of the great things I’ve found about WordPress is the sheer volume of things you can do with it once you start becoming familiar with how things fit together. In today's tutorial we're going to tackle that last mysterious file in our theme that you'll often see mentioned around the traps; the one to which you may well have pasted snippets of code before without really knowing why or wherefore. Today we'll be messing with the functions template (functions.php). For an in depth discussion about this mysterious document you can't go past what is discussed on the Codex, but in short, the Functions file is the means by which we can change the default functionality of some of our site. Using this file we can also extend the site's functionality further. It's pretty powerful, and today we'll go through just a couple of the ways we can use it to extend our test website.Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Editing the Structure of Your SiteBeginning with wordpress
    So, you've got your CSS chops up to speed, and your site should now at least be a fair way down the track to being customised with a colour scheme and maybe even some custom fonts to make it really start to feel like it's much more 'you' than it was. But, you're thinking you'd also like to make some other changes and those changes aren't exactly style related. So it's likely you're going to have to to start getting into editing some of the hard-coded, inbuilt structure, and that means starting to dig into the PHP files of your site.Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Editing the Look of Your Site With CSSBeginning with wordpress
    So, now that we have a child theme set up we're ready to get make some changes to the look and feel of our site.Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Preparing to Customise Your Theme Using a Child ThemeBeginning with wordpress
    Ok, so your site is up and running and you're probably starting to get itchy to make some changes, and not just changes to the content, right? You may well be wanting to change some elements of what your theme actually looks like, and maybe even change how it behaves. So, as we keep moving through these tutorials we're heading towards being able to better customise your theme and we'll actually be getting more into what goes into theme tweaking and development. However, before we go there we've a couple of last things to do to finish off the site set up then we'll set up so you can begin to make some code changes.Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: First Steps With Your New WebsiteBeginning with wordpress
    Well… would you look at at that… a whole new WordPress site! Clever you! Have you logged in yet? If so, you might be sitting looking at the Dashboard wondering what the heck you do next…  so, let me help you with that! (Failing that you're wondering what on earth a Dashboard is, that's ok, all will become clear.) In this tutorial we're going to introduce the Dashboard and go over the first few settings you should adjust when you are setting up your site for the first time, and we'll finish today's lesson with the absolute basics on creating your first pages and posts (including a bit of a look at the differences between the two).Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Installing WordPress ManuallyBeginning with wordpress
    So, there you are - sitting looking at a couple of emails: one with the keys to your domain name, one with the keys to your website, and now you're going to have to get your act together and actually put WordPress on your site but you really don't know where to go next. Well, you have two options: You can use an automatic installer (usually provided by your web host, something like Fantastico, Softaculous, or Installatron). You can install it yourself. Now, because this series is about really getting under the hood of what we're doing, let's focus on a full manual install. Stay with me, it's not too difficult if you follow the instructions methodically.Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Getting Started With Self-Hosted WordPressBeginning with wordpress
    Here we are, the conversation continues: In the last post, we talked about deciding between and Considering that you're reading this article, you must be someone who is interested in having full control of your website. To that end, welcome to the wonderful world of self-hosting an installation of WordPress. Now what?Read More…
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    Beginning With WordPress: Deciding Between and WordPress.orgBeginning with wordpress
    I do a fair bit of training WordPress users, be it in classroom situations, one-on-one with clients, or in meetups. I find running these sessions rewarding and challenging and I really do love seeing people leave at the end of the day or the session with that "I think I finally get it" look on their face. In all that training one of the conversations that comes up consistently, centres around the difference between and Specifically, the difference between a free, hosted WordPress service and downloading a free copy of WordPress and hosting it yourself.Read More…