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    Make a Crazy Drum and Bass Breakbeat by Slicing and Dicing in FL StudioAmenbreak
    You may have witnessed Drum & Bass's dramatic evolution over the past decade. From it's Jungle origins Drum & Bass has now matured into a genre that overflows with adrenaline, excitement, strong production values and an intensity rarely found in music today. To think all of this began with the a spark of inspiration and some drum-solos (breakbeats) sampled from black soul and funk recordings of the early 1960's.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Getting Started with Creative Compression in Dance MusicThumb
    Compression is often a misunderstood process. The importance of effective compression in the realm of dance music reigns absolutely supreme. Without the creative application of compression, entire genres of electronic music would not be here with us today. In this tutorial we’re going to explore one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways you can make compression work for you in your dance music productions.Read More…