Dawn Oosterhoff
Living in Ottawa, Canada, Dawn Oosterhoff is a portrait and story photographer working in an intoxicating pool of photography and image editing, writing and information design. She specializes in health and instructional writing, using words, images, and design to translate complex information into clear, useful, and visually attractive materials.
  • Photo & Video
    Finishing Your Photographs: Choosing Printers, Paper, and InkPreview
    In the first article in this series, Finishing Your Photographs: Picking Your Medium, we considered the end use of photographs in order to choose the medium best suited to finishing each photograph. In this article, we look closer at the details for finishing photographs as prints. Specifically, we'll consider the technical specifications of paper and how to mate paper, ink, and printers (home and lab) for the best outcome.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Finishing Your Photographs: Picking Your MediumPreview
    Photographers spend a great deal of energy capturing the best image possible and ensuring the image or print is faithfully reproduced. We may not, however, spend as much energy thinking about how to finish a photograph - print, frame or store it - and archive the image.Read More…
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    Everyday Images: Making Ordinary Pictures into Extraordinary PhotographyThumb
    How often have you experienced the following? A friend excitedly invites you to view her latest set of photographs. You sit in front of the computer, television, or projection screen to view what turns out to be photograph after photograph of uninspiring this, that, and another activity. The photographs are of beautiful things and interesting events, but none of them prompt a sudden sucking in of your breath. If we want to effectively communicate our experience to another, we have to be deliberate in constructing a photograph, keeping other viewers in mind.Read More…