David Sale
Currently a developer in a team constructing modular Java and Python applications, making use of the semantic web and Hypertext Application Language (HAL) to move data between systems and support Sky's existing customer sales platform. This approach is allowing us to data drive more of our sales journey, and allow for business changes to be made without the need for complex code changes. We take a keen interest in testing, using Lettuce, Cucumber, unittest, jUnit, JMeter and New Relic/AppDynamics to ensure we deliver absolute quality and avoid defects in production applications.
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    Rapid Website Deployment With Django, Heroku & New Relic21543
    Rapidly deploying websites has never been easier, or as affordable as it is now, when combining Django, Heroku, and New Relic. Follow along in this tutorial as we build a portfolio website using these three excellent tools. Read More…
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    New Relic & JMeter - Perfect Performance Testing34978
    Following on from the great introductory articles featured recently on Nettuts+, this article looks to show how you can take New Relic to the next level. As a performance monitoring tool New Relic is fantastic, but what about performance testing, before you go live. That's where JMeter comes in to play. In this tutorial, you will see how we can stress test our application under realistic load, and combine the output of JMeter and New Relic to give you confidence in your applications performance, before releasing into a production environment.Read More…