David Mann
I'm an English Instructor and the IT Specialist at Nippon Steel Sumikin-Intercom, Inc here in Japan. My first love was database development but I have worked with a whole range of technologies and frameworks in the last 20 years: JSP, .NET, YUI, PHP, the UML. Recently I've been getting better acquainted with Knockout and jQuery. My YUI work got me interested in more ambitious JavaScript projects and the need for good Build processes to deploy minified files on a production site.
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    Integrating a JS Build Process Into MSBuild in Visual Studio 2012 ExpressMsbuild retina preview
    I've been working with ASP and ASP.NET for about ten years now, starting with ASP classic and settling on .NET 2.0 as my favorite. My new year resolution this year (2013) was to upgrade my .NET work to .NET 4.0 using Visual Studio 2012 Express and really get to grips with MSBuild, so that I can concatenate and minify my JavaScript files as part of the normal build process of a .NET project, in Visual Studio. My first love is to use Ant in NetBeans with a PHP or JSP platform for this kind of work, but my company's main website runs on a .NET platform and it's time to update it, so I decided to bite the bullet and dive back in to some serious study of creating a fully integrated build process using MSBuild. This tutorial will show you how to edit your Visual Studio 2012 Express project file to include your own separate build file which will perform the now widely familiar process of concatenating and minifying a set of JavaScript modules into one file ready for deployment. Read More…
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    Using Ant to Build a JavaScript LibraryAnt
    Applications all seem to have a build version number, don't they? Anywhere you look for advice about managing a large software project, you'll find that an automated build process is virtually a requirement. I have found it essential to automate a build process that concatenates and minifies the files needed for a given page. This tutorial will de-mystify the Ant build tool and show you how to create your own, flexible, build files for a JavaScript library.Read More…