David Darnes
Hi I’m Dave and I’m a Web Designer & Developer at BaseKit. I also created Anchor Themes and Anchor Showcase, where people submit their themes and sites that use Anchor CMS.
  • Web Design

    Building Websites With BaseKit

    0.5 hours
  • Web Design
    Quick Tip: Add a Formspree Form to Your Static SitesFormspree main image 2
    In this tutorial we’re going to look at a hassle-free way of adding dynamic, flexible forms to your static websites.Read More…
  • Web Design
    How to Implement Cross-Browser SVG SpritesSvg sprite thumb
    In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate a basic implementation of some SVG icons, how to provide a fallback, and how to turn them into an SVG sprite.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Creating a Theme for Anchor CMSAnchor tutorial
    We're going to be making a custom theme for the "up and coming" open source CMS, Anchor. Anchor is a super simple, lightweight and bullet fast content management system. You can pick up a copy of Anchor from the Anchor CMS website, plus you can also checkout some of the themes available for Anchor on Anchor Themes.Read More…