Dave Haynes
Dave Haynes is VP Business Development for SoundCloud, a cloud-based music platform that allows music creators and professionals to easily distribute, share and stream audio over the web. With over a decade’s experience in the music industry, Dave currently works at the forefront of the latest trends in digital music. As well as his work for SoundCloud, he is the organiser of the OpenMusicMedia and Music Hack Day events that take place across the world. This year he was listed as one of UK’s Young Music Entrepreneurs 2010 and is also a frequent speaker at various events from TEDxCardiff to SXSW in Austin.
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    How to Use Soundcloud to Promote Your MusicPreview
    Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the lectures! Each weekend, we’ll feature a recommended audio lecture on Audiotuts+. SoundCloud is a new online audio platform that lets music professionals receive, send and distribute their music. Primarily SoundCloud provides an efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are working on in private settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release.Read More…