Dario Gutierrez
My name is Dario Gutierrez and I am a Mexican Web Designer. I have been a Flash Designer for over 6 years and an Web Designer for about 8 years. I am currently a web designer senior at Royal Resorts in Cancun Mexico and I have a small Web Design Studio. I started a Flash Blog http://labs.dariux.com, you can see my portfolio dariux.com. Follow me on twitter _dariux.
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    Create Your Own Adobe AIR Application with FlashPreview
    In this tutorial we'll create a Twitter Reader application, fed from your own Twitter updates. We'll look at some of the features of the nativeWindow class, how to sign it and make an install package.Read More…
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    Quick Guide: Creating Paypal Buttons with ActionScript 3.0Preview 200x200
    In this tutorial we'll quickly create two different Paypal buttons: "Buy Now" and "Donate". All we'll need is a Paypal Business Account to generate some code for us.Read More…