Daniel Sone
Daniel Sone is a professional photographer who specializes in documenting the human journey. His backbone is photojournalism and portraiture, and brings those skills and methodology into his wedding and commercial work. He enjoys finding ways to do photography as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality his clients expect. Over the past 15 years -- 13 as a professional -- he's worked in news, wedding, and commercial fields, blending them while staying true to his vision and the story.
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    3 Ways to Avoid "Loading..." Slowdowns in LightroomSpeed up lightroom
    Adobe Lightroom is notorious for being a powerful but slow application for post-processing your images. Photographers are always looking for ways to make their post-production more efficient, and the "Loading..." icon is the bane of any Lightroom user's existence, especially with large files. Here are some quick tips to reduce the time spent on waiting for Lightroom to catch up to you when you're ready to work.Read More…
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    How Much Post-Processing Is Too Much? Ethical Visual Journalism After The World Press Photo ScandalPj ethics daniel sone
    WPP's recent disqualification of 20% of the contest finalists for image manipulation, without giving examples of the offending images, has raised many questions about where the ethical boundaries are, the relevance of contests within photojournalism, and how the industry standard rules address advancing technology in photography.Read More…
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    Want Better Color? Use Neutral Gray Themes in Adobe Photoshop and LightroomNeutral ps bg logo daniel sone
    It's a well-known fact that the environment affects our perception of color. This extends into your software's workspace as well. Working in a neutral grey environment is a good idea when color-correcting your images. It'll improve your accuracy even if your monitor isn't calibrated. Here's how to create and use a neutral grey workspace and why it's good.Read More…
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    How to Reduce Noise in Pictures With Adobe Photoshop LightroomTuts sone lr nr logo
    Reducing noise in your images is an important part of your post-production workflow, especially if you're a high-ISO shooter. Good noise reduction technique is a great way to improve your images before presenting them to your client. Let's take a look at the ways you can reduce noise in Adobe Lightroom 5 to create cleaner images, even at high ISO.Read More…
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    Second Camera: A Photographer's Guide to Working in a Team2ndshooter preview daniel sone
    Being a secondary photographer at a wedding is a great way to build your portfolio, network, make some money, and work up to becoming a primary or solo photographer. It's also a great option for primary photographers during that slow time. Here is a guide to being a good second photographer.Read More…
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    Fast, Fun, Professional Album Design With SmartAlbumsAlbums thumbnail
    For many photographers album design was a tedious drudgery that would take hours and even days to complete with cumbersome tools. This tutorial show how to use SmartAlbums to make album design fun and fast. Read More…
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    3 Ways to Retouch Fly-Away HairHair retouch preview
    Fly-away hair is the bane of my portrait retouching workflow. Even with a great hairstylist, it's impossible to avoid. However, I'll show you three techniques you can use and combine to clean-up your portraits.Read More…
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    Shooting a Red Hot Chili Pepper: Flaming Food PhotographyDaniels chili prelg
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do some commercial food photography and set it on fire! I'm going to take you through a step-by-step process of food photography, setting it ablaze, and all the lessons learned. So, get your camera, lights, and flammable fluids ready!Read More…
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    How to Use the Gary Fong LightsphereLightsphere sone pw fit prelg
    Getting nice, flattering light quickly is a huge challenge to wedding and event photographers. For years a bounce card or a small Stofen diffuser was pretty much the only option. Then Gary Fong invented the Lightsphere and made flattering, on-camera flash more accessible to the photographers in the fast-paced wedding world. Here I'll be taking you on a guided tour of the Lightsphere Collapsible.Read More…
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    How to Achieve Simple, Dramatic Portrait LightingDramtic lighting portrait final soneprelg
    There are a million ways to light a portrait and the way you light it will convey something about your style and your subject. In this article, we'll focus on achieving dramatic lighting. This kind of lighting is very popular because it is attention-grabbing and has more "weight" to it than other forms such as open shade or very diffused types of lighting.Read More…
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    How to Price Your PhotographyPreview
    We all love the art of photography and the technical challenges of capturing the essence of a scene or person. However, at some point each of us wants to make money from our talents and creative hard work because — quite frankly — this stuff is expensive! You need to get a grip on how to properly price your photography. It's essential whether you want to fund an equipment upgrade, attend a dream workshop, earn some extra money on the side, and especially if you want a soluble business.Read More…
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    A Guide to DXO Optics Pro, a Seriously Smart Image ProcessorDxo optics pro preview
    There are plenty of RAW-processing and image-management suites out there. Lightroom, Bridge, Capture One Pro, Phocus, Bibble, and more. Recently, my photojournalism mentor and former editor told me about DXO's Optic Pro and how well it handles his files from his Nikons and his Hasselblad. So, let's take a look and see what DXO is offering the digital photographer.Read More…