Daniel Sidhion
I am a Computer Engineering student in Brazil very interested in game development and also an ActionScript 3 programmer. I have a big interest in making Flash games and helping people learn the language.
  • Game Development
    The Many Types of Tools for Game DevelopersImage1
    I believe every game developer should be using whatever tools they can to improve their workflow, rather than doing everything by hand or from scratch. But what do I mean by tools? Level editors, debuggers, analytics...? All of those, and more! In this article, I'll break down the different types of tools available to game developers, and explain why you'd want to use each.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Using the Composite Design Pattern for an RPG Attributes SystemComposite attributes for rpg characters
    Intelligence, Willpower, Charisma, Wisdom: besides being important qualities you should have as a game developer, these are also common attributes used in RPGs. Calculating the values of such attributes -- applying timed bonuses and taking into account the effect of equipped items -- can be tricky. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use a slightly modified Composite Pattern to handle this, on the fly.Read More…
  • Code
    Understanding Garbage Collection in AS3Preview
    Have you ever used a Flash application and noticed lag in it? Still don't know why that cool flash game runs slowly on your computer? If you want to know more about a possible cause of it, then this article is for you. We found this awesome author thanks to FlashGameLicense.com, the place to buy and sell Flash games!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Add a Blurry Trail Effect to Your BulletsBlurrytrailbullets
    In this Quick Tip you will learn how to use BitmapData's copyPixels() method to create a very fast blurry trail effect for the bullets in your shoot-'em-up games.Read More…
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    Keep Your Flash Project's Memory Usage Stable With Object PoolingMemory is ram oh dear
    Memory usage is an aspect of development that you really have to be careful about, or it might end up slowing down your app, taking up a lot of memory or even crashing everything. This tutorial will help you to avoid those bad potential outcomes!Read More…
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    Review: Construct 2, a Drag and Drop HTML5 Game MakerScirra construct 2 review
    Construct 2 is an HTML5 game making tool that doesn't require any programming knowledge. You just drag and drop items around, add behaviors to them, and make them come alive with "events". In this review I will see what Construct 2 is capable of, from my perspective as a Flash game developer. Read the review to see whether or not this tool will serve the purpose of getting my games on more platforms!Read More…
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    An Introduction to FlashPunk: Creating a Spaceship Shoot-'Em-Up200x200 previewimage
    In the last tutorial, we introduced FlashPunk and its capabilities. Now it's time to build a game with it! We'll build a top-down, mouse-controlled shoot-'em-up, with a title screen and a game over screen. Read on to learn more...Read More…
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    Euclidean Vectors in FlashPreview
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from Activetuts+ history. This week’s retro-Active tutorial, first published in April, is a guide to Euclidean vectors: what they are, why you'd use them, and how to implement them in Flash with AS3. Euclidean vectors are objects in geometry with certain properties that are very useful for developing games. They can be seen as points, but they also have a magnitude and a direction. They are represented as arrows going from the initial point to the final point, and that's how we will draw them in this article.Read More…
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    An Introduction to FlashPunk: The Basics200x200 previewimage
    Learn the basics of how FlashPunk works - an amazing library to save you time and help you create the perfect game!Read More…
  • Code
    Create a Complete Typing Game in Flash with AS3Preview
    Leading on from my earlier tutorial on detecting keyboard combos, we'll see how to build a full game that tests your typing skills.Read More…
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    Detecting Key Combos, the Easy WayPreview
    Have you ever been amazed at the variety of attacks in fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, Soul Calibur and others? Now you can learn how to create an engine to detect key combinations and build your own fighting game as well!Read More…
  • Game Development
    Building a Dynamic Shadow Casting Engine in AS3Game development
    Dynamic shadows give game developers a way to recreate real life experience with lights and shadows. Every time we move, we cast shadows according to the position of the light sources around us. Dynamic shadows are no different than that. Our goal is to transfer this experience to the virtual world by creating an engine that will be able to cast these shadows.Read More…