Daniel Ramirez
I'm a Flash Developer and Web Designer with a passion for video games. I'm currently an independent developer looking for an opportunity that lets me take advantage of my skills.
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    Getting Warmer: Smart Aiming With Heat-Seeking MissilesPreview
    In the previous tutorial we had a homing missile chasing after a single target. This tutorial will show you how to convert your homing missiles into heat-seeking missiles for multiple targets.Read More…
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    Hit the Target With a Deadly Homing MissilePreview
    This tutorial will guide you through adding deadly accurate homing missiles to the arsenal of your next game.Read More…
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    Create a Racing Game Without a 3D EnginePreview
    This tutorial will give you an alternative to 3D for racing games in ActionScript 3. No external framework is required for this old-school style example.Read More…