Daniel Lorenzo
Dani Lorenzo is a 3D and VFX freelance artist. Passionate about motion and design, he loves to turn any idea into visual impact. He is based in Barcelona (Spain), and enjoys working and teaming up with artists and clients worldwide. You can check his portfolio and contact him at Danilorenzo.com.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Creating a Disco Party Animation with C4D and After EffectsCupcake retina
    In this tutorial you'll be creating a full motion graphics 3D animation for a disco party. You'll start by creating some basic models and deforming them. We'll dig quite deeply in shading to achieve some detailed and organic textures. Finally, we'll animate all the elements in an attractive way and create a rotating camera to follow the whole scene. We'll finish up in After Effects where we'll add some sexiness to the animation.Read More…