Dan Stever
Dan has over 15 years experience in the web and technology industry and has been involved in projects ranging from corporate-scale to startup. He is currently slinging code at Roost. Code junkie, coffee lover, energetic, and passionate. Born and raised in small-town midwest, he puts great importance on family values but lives life at full-speed. He currently lives outside of Toledo, OH with his wife and daughter.
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    Testing on Android: What Are Your Options?Preview image@2x
    Testing an app on Android or iOS isn’t all that different. The purpose is the same, the desired outcome is the same, and the process is similar. The major difference comes when we begin to look at the details. That's what I plan to do in this article.Read More…
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    Titanium Studio RC 1 OverviewTi studio rc1 overview
    Appcelerator is known for their revolutionary product Titanium Developer, which allowed web developers to create mobile applications without learning Cocoa-Touch or Java. They recently released their first major update since the acquisition of Aptana: a full-fledged IDE. Titanium Studio RC 1 is now available for download. If you are not familiar with Appcelerator or are unsure of the benefits and changes in Titanium Studio, check out this quick overview to see what the new features have to offer.Read More…
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    Titanium Mobile: Database Driven Tables with SQLite – Part 3Db
    Welcome to the third part in our series on database driven Titanium Mobile development. This tutorial will continue to build on the principles introduced in earlier posts, but we will be altering our app design in one very significant way. Instead of using a TableView object to display a custom interface, we are going to switch to using a WebView object. Read More…
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    Titanium Mobile: Database Driven Tables with SQLite – Part 2Db
    Welcome to the second part in our series on database driven Titanium Mobile development. In this tutorial, we will be inserting values int a local SQLite database and reading and writing data to a remote MySQL database. This tutorial will have a lot of code, but I've tried to be as thorough as possible without boring anyone. Bring your questions to the comments sections!Read More…
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    Titanium Mobile: Database Driven Tables with SQLiteDb
    This tutorial will introduce you to SQLite and database-driven development with Titanium Mobile. Specifically, you will learn to build an application for managing products with a database instead of just the file system.Read More…
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    The 10 HTML Tags Beginners Aren’t UsingHtml
    Let's go back to the basics for this one. Everyone reading this at least knows what HTML is. I believe that, no matter what experience level someone has, reviewing the foundation can help increase knowledge. It also helps to hone skills, especially with the constantly evolving technologies that drives the Internet. There has also been a lot of talk of change with HTML 5. Every tag that I mention below is supported in both HTML 4.01 and HTML 5. While some of these tags are already widely used; I would like to challenge some of the ways that we use and think about them. Read More…