Dan Harper
Dan is passionate about an open, semantic web and loves playing around with the latest bleeding-edge technologies in our industry. He works mostly in PHP, but wishes he only had the time/job to pick up Rails fully. He’s studying Web Technologies at the University of Portsmouth and is currently Lead Developer at Radweb.
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    Markdown: The Ins and OutsPreview
    Markdown is a shockingly simple markup language that allows you to write, using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write, plain text format. This format can then, in seconds, be converted into another markup language, such as HTML! If you're not familiar with it, let me teach you about it today!Read More…
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    A Look at PopcornPostimg
    Today we’re going to take a look at Popcorn.JS, a library from Mozilla which makes it very easy to manipulate a webpage based on the current position of a video. This allows you to create rich “hypermedia” experiences around your video content.Read More…
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    Essential Ruby & Rails 3 ReadingRortutorial
    Nearly two years ago, we published a round-up of the greatest Ruby and Rails learning resources available. Since then, big things have happended in the glorious world of Ruby. Rails 3 brought many fundamental improvements to the framework. So, naturally, our "essential resources" list needed to be updated! Read on for a round-up of the greatest articles, books, and screencasts to come out of the Ruby community!Read More…
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    Singing with Sinatra - The EncoreSinging with sinatra
    Welcome back to Singing with Sinatra! In this third and final part we'll be extending the "Recall" app we built in the previous lesson. We're going to add an RSS feed to the app with the incredibly useful Builder gem, which makes creating XML files in Ruby a piece of cake. We'll learn just how easy Sinatra makes escaping HTML from user input to prevent XSS attacks, and we'll improve on some of the error handling code.Read More…
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    Singing with Sinatra - The Recall AppSinging with sinatra
    Welcome to Track 2 of Singing with Sinatra. In part one, we reviewed Routes, how to work with URI parameters, working with forms, and how Sinatra differentiates routes by the HTTP method they were requested by. Today, we're going to extend our knowledge of Sinatra by building a small database-driven app, "Recall," for taking notes/making a to-do list.Read More…
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    Singing with SinatraSinging with sinatra
    Welcome to Track 1 of "Singing with Sinatra." In this mini-series we'll be taking a look at Sinatra; a small, yet incredibly powerful DSL for quickly creating Ruby web applications. In this part, we'll get started with Sinatra by playing around with a few routes, learning how to access URL parameters and how to POST data between pages.Read More…
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    How to Sell Digital Goods with CodeIgniterCodeigniter
    In today's tutorial, you'll learn how to create a small web app to sell digital items (eg. eBooks) securely and accept payments from PayPal.Read More…
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    Bringing the Magazine to the WebPostimg
    The rise of blogs on the web has brought a quick and easy way for anyone to publish their thoughts online without having to get down and dirty with HTML. Just write your content, hit 'Publish,' and your thoughts are instantly available for the masses to read.Read More…
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    The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design: Part 2Code
    In part two of this series we're going to create a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file to edit the appearance of our HTML webpage. Web designers keep the content of a webpage (the HTML) separate from the styling (CSS) to keep the source code easily readable, and to make redesigns of a website much simpler than than if the styling were mixed in with the content.Read More…
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    The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design: Part 1Code
    Throughout this series you will learn how to create a website using the latest in web design techniques (HTML5 & CSS3). This series is aimed at those with absolutely zero previous knowledge of web design.Read More…
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    The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design: Part 3Code
    In the final installment of the series we'll add a new page to our website where we will experiment with a few HTML elements, and expand on our CSS knowledge.Read More…
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    Learn How to be a TextMate ChampionCode
    TextMate is, by far, the preferred text-editor for most web developers on the Mac. In today's screencast we'll be taking a look at some of the features most developers simply don't use which can massively increase your productivity by allowing you to type less!Read More…