Dan Davies
Dan Davies is a self-employed website provider. He's afraid to associate himself with the terms "designer" or "developer". He runs an agency called Blueprint Studio which provides websites, freelance services and band/artist management. If he had any free time, he would spend it recording an album, as he loves to play the guitar.
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    How To Create A Simple 404 Error Page For WordPress Themes404
    A visitor can encounter a 404 error for a number of reasons. As a website owner, you should ensure that the user experience of your website doesn't leave your visitor feeling lost or confused when this happens. Creating a custom 404 page is easy using the 404.php template in your WordPress theme, and it can go a long way to ensuring a visitor remains on your website, even after they encounter a 404 error.Read More…
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    Creating Custom Page TemplatesCustompages
    Pages are hugely useful when using WordPress as a CMS, and when you're making a website, it's not uncommon for two pages to have entirely different layouts. Sometimes an if statement will do the trick; if not, you'll need a custom page template.Read More…
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    10 Code Snippets WP Theme Developers Should Have on Speed DialSpeed preview
    One of the ways we endeavor to improve productivity when building WordPress templates is to have snippets of code available to us very quickly, through the use of tab-triggered shortcuts. In this article I will share with you 10 of my most-used snippets that I feel every developer should have at their fingertips.Read More…